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Sunshine in Nosy Komba

Sunshine in Nosy Komba is a public interest organisation established in the Netherlands in 2017, was created in 2011 by an international group of volunteers coming from many different backgrounds. It is a non profit public interest organization based on volunteer work.

It operates in full coordination with the development program and philosophy of “We Work It Works”. It stems from the idea that a comprehensive and long term approach is the only way to carry out a sustainable humanitarian project.


In the last few years Sunshine in Nosy Komba has implemented numerous projects aimed to improve Education, and Health care and to promote Sustainable development.

Board members:

  • Tiago Soares: Chairperson

  • Pierre-Elie Crouzet: Depute Chairperson

  • Zarifa Kudari: Board secretary

  • Loretta Latronico: Treasurer





Smidssteeg 1, 2312 BP, Leiden, The Netherlands

RSIN 857255794

Registration (KvK) No.: 67989675


We Work It Works

“We Work It Works” gathers a broad group of associations sharing a common philosophy and development model, where all the components of a dignifying life are taken into considered.


All of the projects implement by this NGO aim at the sustainable empowerment of the local population, working together to identify the needs and create accessible solutions rather than imposing them.


“We Work It Works” follows the principle that underdevelopment cannot become a job, being based entirely on volunteer work. All funds raised revert directly to the local population.

More About Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is a small volcanic island of Madagascar located on the North West coast of the main island. Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world with 85% of the population living with less than 2€ per day.

Nosy Komba has 25 km2  of area and about 4500 people concentrated in six main villages along the coast. The population of this remote island used to live in life-threatening underdevelopment conditions, without access to healthcare or education, no drinkable water or electricity networks and no sanitation. Since 1993, the village of Antintorona, today with more than 700 inhabitants, has become the focus of a comprehensive program of assistance to development led by the NGO “We Work It Works”.


Present Context

In Madagascar in 2017 the government replaced all local elected leaders by people of its own party, increasing its authoritarian power.

In Nosy Komba:

  • Strong impact on the local population. They felt their freedom regress and fear the repressive and violent reactions of their non-elected leader.

  • We avoided replying to provocations and kept doing our work carefully to prevent any conflicts that might emerge from our presence in the region.

  • Nevertheless, the long-term approach of empowerment of the local population started to give its fruits.

  • The population isolated by itself the non-elected local leader, putting into evidence how powerless the non-elected leader was when the fear faded.

In Madagascar in 2018 with the presidential elections approaching, the political instability has spread to several public services. The public education system has been particularly affected by a strike that has lasted for more than 5 months, closing all public establishments.


In Nosy Komba

  • Impact on the students enrolled in public high schools and universities with the help of the Rise & Shine scholarships, who could not attend classes for the whole second semester.

  • Increase of the requests to enroll in our schools from kids studying in other villages and islands. 



Sunshine in Nosy Komba Policy:

Sunshine in Nosy Komba Activity and Financial Reports:

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You can also access our activity and financial reports of the previous years: 2017, 2016.

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